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  • Quick and easy  shopping with Contactless Payment technology
  • EMV compliant Chip and PIN technology for greater security
  • Up to 55 days of credit period
  • Attractive discounts & offers around the year with Cargills Bank Credit Cards
  • Worldwide ATM cash advances through Mastercard ATM network
Credit Card Balance Transfer


Now You can transfer Other bank existing card balance(s) to a Cargills Bank credit card and repay it off by equal monthly installments up to 48 months under lower interest rate.

  • Minimum amount for Balance Transfer is LKR 25,000/- & Maximum limit is up to 100% of the credit limit of the Cargills Bank Credit Card.


Example for a Balance Transfer of Rs 100,000/-

Repayment period Other Bank

Interest Fee at 18% p.a for the period (Rs)

Cargills Bank Interest rate p.a Total Interest Fee for the period with  Balance Transfer (Rs) Your Savings (Rs)
6 Months 9,000 11%
12 Months 18,000 11%
18 Months 27,000 11.5%
24 Months 36,000 11.5%
36 Months 54,000 12%
48 Months 72,000 14%



Required Documents for Balance Transfer


  • Latest statement of the other bank Credit Card


Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions: 

Balance Transfer – T&C Document


Cheque on Credit Card


What is a Cheque on Credit Card?


A Cheque on Credit card is the solution when your merchants do not accept Credit Cards. You can now enjoy the convenience of drawing cheques to any merchant with your Cargills Bank Credit Card!


How to get a Cheque on Credit Card?


 A request letter from the customer should be handed over to a Cargills Bank branch with the following details:

  • Amount to be deducted from the Credit Card
  • Card holder’s NIC
  •  Credit card account number (C-Account Number)
  • Beneficiary details (only entities)


*Minimum cheque amount is LKR 50,000/=

*Maximum cheque amount is LKR 100,000/=

*Processing fee is LKR 1,000/=

Tariff Guide
Type Of Fee Gold
Primary Card Annual Fee 1st year Rs. 1,100/-
Annual Fee 2nd year onwards Rs.1,400/-
Joining Fee FOC
Supplementary Annual Fee Rs. 500/-
Supplementary Joining Fee FOC
Interest Rate (p.a) % 30%
Interest Free Period 55 Days Max
Minimum Payment 2.5% x Total Outstanding*
Over Limit Fee Rs. 1,500/-
Late Payment Fee Rs. 1,100/-
Cash Advance Limit 50% x Limit
Cash Advance Fee Rs. 400/- + 5% on Face value
Limit Enhancement Fee Temporary or Permanent Rs. 1,100/-
Card Replacement Fee Rs. 500/-
PIN Replacement Rs. 100/-
Per Statement copy        (Except Last Statement) Rs. 150/-
Cheque Return Rs. 900/-
Tax/Visa/Limit/Interest Confirmation Letters or any Credit Card Related Letters Rs. 250/-
Overseas Courier Fee Rs. 4000/-
Balance Transfer Fee 11% Upwards
Travel Insurance N/A
Image Card service fee-Own Images Rs.750/-
Image Card service fee-Gallery Images Rs.500/-
Image Replacement fee(Additionally Card replacement fees applicable) Rs. 250/-


Type of Fee Fee
Overseas Transactions All overseas transactions will be converted using Mastercard exchange rate. In order to mitigate local exchange rate movements, an additional amount will be included to the rate at the time of billing


Image Card

Now enjoy the possibility of customising your Cargills Bank Credit Card with an image of your choice!

Image card application : Cargills Bank Image Card Application

Image card guidelines   : Cargills Bank Image Card Guidelines

Image card FAQs            : Cargills Bank Image Card FAQs

View sample image card:Sample Image Card

Credit Card Statement
Terms and Conditions

Credit Card – Terms and Conditions


*Credit Card settlements carried out via Mobile Banking / Internet Banking should be done prior 6.00 PM on the due date to avoid any settlement delays.

* The following geographies are currently subjected to comprehensive U.S. sanctions. Mastercard has no offices, subsidiaries, or affiliated entities, nor does Mastercard license any customers to issue or to acquire transactions from either point-of-sale (POS) or ATM locations, in these regions and countries:

  • Crimea
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Sudan
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