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Our Vision

To be the most inclusive bank harnessing the spirit of progress in every Sri Lankan.

Sustainable Development
Corporate Responsibility
Our Mission

We aim to directly engage every customer at their convenience by a unique and far reaching network, through efficient and innovative technology.

To facilitate and empower small and medium entrepreneurs, enhance industry standards through a highly motivated team of innovative bankers.

Create sustainable value for our investors through sound financial performance embedded in transparency and accountability.

Our Heritage

Founded on the belief that uplifting the people in the rural sector will strengthen our nation, on the basis that our nation has always been an agrarian society, being once renowned as the granary of the east, from the ancient kings to the present day, the fortunes of our nation has always centered grown around agriculture.

Thus, the Cargills Bank logo in its entirety, portrays an ear of paddy, a symbol of prosperity and agriculture in Sri Lanka. The upward movement of the logo depicts prosperity and growth. The colour; a hue of Red and Orange, denotes a bright future. As we look closer, we also see people standing behind one another, being symbolic of supporting each other, giving significance to the nature of the human spirit, that an individual’s success is built on the community and support, of which Cargills Bank is also a part. The tag line “Banking on the Human Spirit”, embodies our philosophy and belief in the resolve of the human spirit, of people, as they endeavor and strive for success.

Our Partners

The largest shareholders of Cargills Bank Limited are Cargills (Ceylon) PLC and CT Holdings PLC, both highly diversified conglomerates listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange with interests in entertainment, hospitality trade, property development, manufacturing, food processing and retailing. Cargills Ceylon PLC, a Sri Lankan corporate established in 1844 is built on a strong foundation of values and ethics.

Cargills Bank is also well partnered through investments of leading corporates in the country whose brands, financial performance, market share and business foresight have been in highest echelons of their respective fields. Most significant amongst them are; Employees Provident Fund (EPF), MJF Foundation Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Melwa Group, AIA Holdings Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Softlogic Holdings PLC, Phoenix Ventures Ltd, MAS Capital (Pvt) Ltd, Asian Alliance Insurance PLC, Rosewood (Pvt) Ltd, Lalan Rubber Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

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