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Enjoy a World of Convenience, with Cargills Bank Mobile Banking.
Self-Register for Mobile Banking, within 5 Minutes!


Get complete control of your bank account now on your mobile!!

Cargills Bank “Cargills Cash Mobile Banking” is one of the most convenient alternatives which enables you to do a wide array of Financial and Non-Financial Transactions using your mobile at any time anywhere.

Due to “Activate Once- Use Anywhere” concept introduced by Cargills Bank, you can activate Digital Banking on any online channel (Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking App) and use the same credentials to access all other online channels.

Get Started

Self-register for Mobile Banking within 5 minutes to access a world of convenience!!

All you need are:

  • A Mobile No & Email Address already registered with the Bank
  • Active ATM card & PIN

Steps to Register

Don’t want to go through Self Registration process? Then step in to your nearest Cargills Bank branch and request for the facility.

  • Eligibility
    • Any Sri Lankan above 18 Years of Age
    • Savings or Current account holder of Cargills Bank
    • Hold an Android and iOS enabled smart mobile devices. Android – (5.0 and above versions) iOS – 7.0 and above versions


    Download App here 

  • Key Word for app search is “CargillsBank”
Services Available at your Fingertips!!
  • Avail Cargills Cash Services


  1. Deposits and withdrawals at any Cargills Food City supermarket using QR Codes
  2. Settle Cargills Food City grocery bills through the Cargills Cash Mobile Banking App without the need to carry physical cash / electronic cards.


  1. Send Cash – If you are registered with Cargills Cash mobile banking app, you can now send cash instantly to any mobile number and withdraw cash from any Cargills Food City Outlet


  • Transfer funds within your accounts & to Third Party Accounts

Instant transfers that you can perform are:

  • From one of your accounts to any of your other accounts
  • From one of your accounts to a third party account at Cargills Bank
  • From one of your accounts to any other account maintained at Any other bank in Sri Lanka through CEFT

Register your regular transfers under “Registered Beneficiary”

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Pay Your all types of Utility Bills

You can register your regular utility bill payments via “Register Payee”

Schedule your bill payments as you prefer.

Over 30 utility providers (Link to Search utility service provider)

All utility bill payments will get updated immediately.


  • Pay anyone

You can also send money to anyone on your contact or email list in Sri Lanka, with the funds

credited to their bank account or collected at any Cargills Food City supermarket.


Once sender initiate the payment, beneficiary will receive a SMS with an URL and Pay anyone

Reference Number / Verification Code (e.g., CPXXXXXXXX)

Beneficiary can use this Reference Number directly at Cargills food City outlet to withdraw funds.

Otherwise, the beneficiary can click on the URL and funds can be collected to any bank account

using the Reference number.


  • Order Cheque Books / Standing Orders / E statements / SMS registration
  • Requests to open Savings and Fixed Deposit accounts
  • Request for credit cards, obtaining Instant Cash Advances, requesting cash-backed loans or Cash Advances from your Cargills Bank Credit Card, and managing your Cargills Bank Credit Card.
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