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Complaints/ Feedback Details

At Cargills Bank, we are committed to providing you with a superior service. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our service, we would like to hear from you. We will use your feedback to improve our services and to prevent a recurrence.
You are important to us and your feedback allows us to improve our service levels.

Raising your Complaint/ Feedback

Call on
The dedicated Customer Solutions Hotline on:


E-mail us on


You can log in to our Facebook page and inbox us.

Mail your feedback to:

The Manager,
Customer Relationship Unit
Cargills Bank PLC
No 696, Galle Road,
Colombo 3.


    This is how we resolve your complaints.

    Upon receipt of a Complaint, we will record it in the Bank’s Complaint Tracking System and attempt to
    resolve the concern immediately. In the event we are unable to do so, we will provide you with a solution
    within three working days. If we are unable to meet this timeline due to the nature of the complaint, we will
    update you with an estimated response time.

    In the event you are not entirely satisfied with our response to your concern, you may contact the Office of
    the Financial Ombudsman of Sri Lanka.

    The Financial Ombudsman

    Office of the Financial Ombudsman

    143A, Vajira Road

    Colombo 05

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