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Our commitment to serve you goes beyond just your goods in transit

Cargills Bank offers a range of trade finances and treasury solutions to both importers and exporters, with a high standard of risk management and operational excellence. Trade Services have been at the forefront of offerings by Cargills Bank to its clients since inception of the bank .

Bank’s trade management team possesses wide experience in International if required. Cargills Bank’s experienced staff understand the commercial aspects of International Trade and help to build Banking and Trade Finance in Sri Lanka as well as overseas for many years with internationally recognised banks. Their exposure provides the customers with a spectrum of professional assistance to help them to capitalize on business opportunities.

Key Trade Services products offered by the Bank


  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Documentary Collections
  • Shipping Guarantees
  • Import Finance
  • Invoice Finance


  • Export Documentary Collections
  • Advising of Export LC’s
  • Adding Confirmation to Experts LC’s
  • Pre-shipment and Post-shipment Financing to Export Customers.
Bank Guarantees

All types of bank guarantees are available at Cargill’s Bank.

We are always focused on how to improve our client’s trade knowledge. We visit the customers regularly to discuss their business needs and try and understand their requirements, so that we can share our knowledge and help them understand the trade business. We assist by providing them training and workshops.

Among other things, we believe in the customer service as paramount whilst recognizing the need to comply with various regulatory requirements and government regulations. We target to optimize transaction turnaround times and to help grow the customer’s business while minimizing risk and maintaining their competitiveness. At Cargills Bank Trade,we always endeavor to develop customized solutions that matches their trade requirements.

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