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Podihitiyo children’s savings Account
Start Young
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Children have many dreams of doing great things.
Let those dreams grow with their savings.

You can apply if
  • Your Child or Ward is aged below 16 years.
What you need!
  • A fully completed Account Application Form.
  • Birth Certificate of the Minor or Birth Certificate certified by the school principal
  • Parent or Guardian’s NIC/DL/PP


Key Benefits & USP’S
  • Currently offers the best tiered interest rate on minor savings account in the market
  • Tiered interest rates
  • Interest accumulates on day-end (EOD) balance
Interest Rate
Account Balance Interest Rate p.a
Below LKR 50,000 5.75%
LKR 50,000- LKR 74,999 6.00%
LKR 75,000-LKR 99,999 6.25%
LKR 100,000-LKR 124,999 6.50%
LKR 125,000-LKR 149,999 6.75%
LKR 150,000- LKR 174,999 7.00%
LKR 175,000-LKR 199,999 7.25%
Above LKR 200,000 7.50%
Terms and Conditions
  • Parent/ Guardian should open the Minor Savings Account.
  • Funds in the “Podihitiyo – Children’s Savings Account” cannot be withdrawn until the minor reach the age of 18 Years
What’s more?
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So go ahead, apply nowcall us or let’s chat and we’ll get your child going on a long and successful journey of saving and prosperity.

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