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Diriya – Investment Savings Account
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What is DIRIYA?

DIRIYA, is an investment plan account designed to set aside a fixed amount of savings every month (fixed monthly installment) to achieve a target amount at the end of an agreed period, which will help the customer to secure the future needs and confidence to take life with a firm financial foundation.

You can apply if

You’re a Sri Lankan citizen over 18 years, holding NIC or driving license and passport (Farmers, employees of government, semi-government and private sector, etc.)

What are the investment periods?

Customers can select the investment periods ranging from 1 – 10 years to start with their investment plan.

What are the Investment Amounts?

Customers can select their desired investment amount starting from LKR 25,000 to LKR 10,000,000 according to the following table.


Interest Rate

The following rates will be offered to customers according to the investment period.

Value Added Benefits

“Diriya Investment Account” holders will be offered the following vale added benefits,

  • No Minimum Balance Fee
  • SMS Alert Free of Charge
  • IB & MB Free of Charge
  • Standing Instruction Setup Free of Charge
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