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Vehicle Loans
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15.5% p.a. onwards

Did you know?

➔ We grant vehicle loans for up to 7 Years.
➔ We bring you attractive variable and fixed interest rates.
➔ We are ready to grant you vehicle loans up to Rs.20.0Mn.

You can obtain a vehicle loan to,

i. Purchase a Brand New / Unregistered / Registered motor vehicle for personal/commercial use.

ii. Finance any acceptable purpose by mortgaging your vehicle

Types of vehicles

i. Motor car (Cars/SUVs)
ii. Dual purpose vehicles (Vans/Double cars)
iii. Commercial vehicles
iv. Motor lorry
v. Motor couch


*The age of a registered vehicle from the year of manufacture should be less than 12 years at the time of considering the loan.

You can apply if

● You’re aged 18 to 50, and working as a ‘permanent & confirmed’ employee in an established
Company / Institution
● You have a valid Sri Lankan National Identity Card / Passport / Driver’s License.
● You being a salaried employee drawing a monthly gross salary above Rs.100,000/- OR
● You being a professional drawing a monthly gross salary above Rs.150,000/- OR
● You being a self employed individual earning a monthly net personal income of Rs.200,000/

What we need;

● A duly completed vehicle loan application form.
● A copy of your Sri Lankan National Identity Card / Passport / Driver’s License.
● Salary slips for the Last 3 months along with the bank account statements (if applicable).
● Letter from your employer, confirming your position and salary details (if applicable).
● Copy of the business registrations, financials and other business related documents (if applicable).
● A Letter from the employer, confirming the position & salary details (if applicable).
● Copy of Certificate of Registration (excluding Brand New & Unregistered vehicles).
● Copy of Revenue License (excluding Brand New & Unregistered vehicles).
● Invoice



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