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As much as you work for your salary, put your salary to work for you.

Did you know?
  • Our interest rate slabs give you special interest rates, according to your gross salary.
  • You can simply open an account, with an initial deposit of Rs. 1000/=.
  • You are entitled to a host of benefits, according to your salary range.
  • Our online and mobile banking services give, you ‘banking at your fingertips’.
Whats more?

With ’Cargills Cash‘, you can now deposit, withdraw, send cash and even purchase goods, through over 370 Cargills Food City outlets, which are open from 8.00 to 10.00.p.m, 365 days of the year.

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Power Ultimate Elite
Gross Salary Below LKR 75,000 LKR 75,000 – LKR 150,000 Above LKR 150,000
Interest Rate 6.50% 7.00% 8.25%
Mastercard Debit Card Free Free Free
ATM Withdrawals (per month) 2 Transactions Free 2 Transactions Free 2 Transactions Free
ATM Withdrawal Limit (per day) LKR 80,000 LKR 100,000 LKR 150,000
Personal Loans
Multiples 12 times net salary 12 times net salary 15 times net salary
Loan Processing Fee Fully Waived off Fully Waived off Fully Waived off
Loan Early Settlement Fully Waived off Fully Waived off Fully Waived off
Top up Facility 24 Hour loan top up Disbursement 24 Hour loan top up Disbursement 24 Hour loan top up Disbursement
Pre-Approved Over Draft
After first 3 months of regular net salary remittances Not Eligible 2 times of net salary 2 times of net salary
Processing Fee Waived  Not Eligible Eligible  Eligible
Other Value Additions
 Standing Instructions payments via SLIP Transfer / Pay order Free Free Free
1 Cheque Book  Free  Free Free
You can apply if
  • You’re aged 18 or above.
  • You’re employed and earning a regular salary of LKR 20,000 or above.
  • You have a valid Sri Lankan NIC / Passport / DL.
  • You’re a contributor to the EPF fund and / or a qualified professional (CIMA, ACCA, ICA, IESL, Architect, Medical Council Doctor, CIM or any other recognized qualification) and / or a Government Servant, with Pension and / or Provident Fund deductions.
You should also know:
  • The salary should be credited to the account within the next 30 days (of opening the account).
  • Personal loans and Overdraft facilities offered under Cargills Bank Salary Account will be subject to the banks’ Credit Policy.
What you need!
  • A copy of your Sri Lankan NIC / Passport / DL.
  • Copy of a recent Utility Bill / Bank Statement, to establish your residence address.
  • Copy of your latest Salary Slip.

So go ahead, apply nowcall us or let’s chat and we’ll get you going on a path of prosperity and financial success.

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