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Your success contributes to the growth of the nation. Our mission is to partner that growth.


With the Cargills Bank Corporate Banking division you can keep your business winning in a challenging market place.

At Cargills Bank we offer you correspondingly unique and distinctive solutions to help your business achieve its full potential. Be it managing your working capital, expanding your business, empowering your business, increasing your yields, or conducting cross-border business, we have a host of solutions for you.

We offer:

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Term Loan Financing
  • Project Financing
  • Accounts
  • Corresponding Banking
Working Capital Finance

Our range of working capital products are uniquely designed to give your company a competitive edge which is further supplemented through

Overdrafts / Short Term Loans

These facilities are offered to finance your day to day working capital requirements, with a maximum limit depending on your cash flow deficit. The overdraft interest is charged on the daily usage; hence you have the option to reduce the interest cost by depositing your daily sales collections.

short term loans are for a maximum period of 12 months at competitive interest rates with predetermined repayment frequencies.

Term Loan Financing

If you are looking at upgrading the machinery in your factory, finance permanent working capital requirements, acquire fixed assets or looking for specific project financing, we can give you a tailor-made term funding solution to suit future cash flows. In the case of high value projects, we can arrange for syndicated loans so that you can take on big business opportunities with confidence.

Project Financing

Cargills Bank offers a wide range of project financing products and services aimed at providing support for enterprise building. Project financing is a specialized skill. It requires a blend of industry knowledge and financial expertise in order to evaluate the undertaking and structure the optimal funding package for the enterprise. As the project’s cash flows are a primary consideration, the evaluation process will include a validation of the project’s feasibility with regard to several aspects such as the sponsor’s track record, the market, technology and production, management and human resources, the environment, regulations and statutory approvals.


We have developed Accounts with unique and special features to give higher returns to savings, manage daily business transactions at low cost and conveniently. These Accounts can be easily accessed from any Cargills Bank branch island wide or via our Corporate Internet Banking platform.


  • Cargills Current Accounts

A value adding Account which enables to manage the daily business transactions. Collection and payment of funds via Cheques whilst enjoying overdraft facilities.


  • Cargills Savings Accounts

As a reward for the habit of savings this unique Account offers you attractive interest rates for your savings despite of the number of withdrawals per month.



  • Cargills Investment Accounts


  • Outward Investments Account

Outward Investment Account (OIA) is a special account for resident investors in Sri Lanka to channel funds abroad for eligible overseas investments such as investment in Shares and debt securities of companies incorporated outside Sri Lanka, Units in regulated unit trusts, Sovereign Bonds issued by foreign governments and to set up overseas office.


  • Inward Investments Account

IIA is an amalgamation of “Securities Investment Accounts” (SIAs) and “Special Foreign Investment Deposit Accounts” (SFIDAs) opened and maintained in foreign currencies and in Sri Lanka Rupees of previous Exchange Control Act.


  • Cargills Fixed Deposits

Intial minimum deposit of LKR 10,000 only

Attarctive interest rates can be negotiated.

Accepted as a collateral for quick loans upto 90% and further 5% with prior notification.

Corresponding Banking

Cargills Bank PLC has established correspondent banking relationships with International banks around the globe to ensure that our customers get the best and most reliable service at most competitive rates.

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