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Cargills supports young inventor develop new waste management system
Tue, 23 May 2017

Young inventor Vikum Sampath with Cargills staff. Below: his waste management system

Garbage has become a pressing issue in Sri Lanka and with this in mind Cargills has come forward to support dynamic young inventor Vikum Sampath from Gampola, who is currently developing a new waste management system that will help recycle solid waste.

The invention can be used to recycle unsorted and sorted garbage and has been developed for mass scale use.

Cargills, in partnership with Cargills Bank, will help with the financing of the development of the first machine which is currently in production. The organization firmly believes that investments in such initiatives can benefit both the local population and business.

According to a spokesperson at Cargills, “We make a concerted effort to connect with our local community. It’s about leveraging the unique skills and expertise of each of the partners to make a positive impact, because we know that we can do a lot more in collaboration with others than we can do by ourselves.”

“Cargills is committed towards ensuring that purposeful investments are made to create value and help build a better community in our country. As a positive force in the local community we have rolled out many initiatives that develop and nurture entrepreneurs and fine tune their business acumen within the community. By doing so we are driving real benefits for our customers, employees, and partners and leveraging our stance as a forward thinking company.”


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