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Cargills Bank Credit Card celebrates this Avurudu with amazing cashback of 5% anywhere
Tue, 2 Apr 2019


‘Why pay more when you can pay less?’

As the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations get underway, Cargills Bank Credit Cards continue its momentum with amazing deals for Avurudu.

To make this season rewarding and memorable for its customers with astounding deals, Cargills Bank has partnered with a diverse range of merchants extending from dinning to lodging, home appliances, jewellery, lifestyle and supermarket. The bank has reiterated its commitment to the market in offering the best supermarket deal with a special 25% discount offer during the Avurudu Season in addition to a 5% cashback anywhere.

The bank has been tremendously successful in customer acquisition since the inception of its cards business in August 2018. The synergetic offering with Cargills Food City supermarket chain was the key successor behind as the offering turned out to be by far the best supermarket deal in Sri Lanka. The bank had a consecutive 15% cashback offer with Cargills Food City for 11 months since August 2018 to June.

Cargills Bank Cards and E-Commerce Head Mahesha Amarasuriya shared her views on what is in store for their customers this season and the way forward.

Q: What is special about this Avurudu Season?

A: This Avurudu is special as it is the first Avurudu celebrations for the Cargills Bank Credit Card since its inception. Therefore to celebrate this Avurudu we have a line-up of offers including 25% discount offer at Cargills Food City and 5% cashback by spending anywhere along with several other clothing, jewellery, dinning and lodging offers.

Q: What is so special about your supermarket credit card deal?

A: This is by far the best supermarket offer in Sri Lanka. Unlike many competitor deals, this offer is not restricted to any day of the week, anytime of the day or by product type. More importantly this offer is also given on top of all other discounts given by Cargills Food City which enables a higher saving to the customer.

Our regular 15% offer enables the customers to purchase up to Rs. 50,000 worth goods every month allowing you to save up to Rs. 7,500 monthly which is a substantial monthly saving. The special 25% Avurudu offer gives our customers a chance to get additional 10% discount on the spot while still saving the 15% which would be a cashback to the savings account.

Q: How can customers save?

A: We have consciously introduced the 15% discount as a cashback in order to build a savings habit among our customers. The value of instant discounts depreciates with the consumption of your groceries. As our offer gives a cashback to the customer’s savings account at the month end, there is a true form of saving. Further, customers can enjoy attractive interest on their savings accounts making it savings on top of savings.

In this Avurudu season we want to create more savings opportunities to the customers. While Avurudu is a season for spending we are offering the customers on the spot discounts and cashback discounts so that the customers can enjoy spot discounts while getting the benefit of savings as well.

The Cargills Food City 25% discount is a combination of 10% spot discount and 15% cashback discount. 5% cashback anywhere is a cashback to the customers’ accounts at the end of the month.

Quite different to competition, the Cargills Bank customers at the end of a season of spending will find savings and interest accumulated in their accounts, which will definitely support the cashflow during the next month.

Q: Why does a customer need a Cargills Bank Credit Card?

A: Our credit card speaks the language of the common man. The highest volume of credit card spend occurs at supermarkets. We launched a supermarket deal without restricting it to a specific time or place compared to competition. We are the first bank to continuously offer this deal for 11 consecutive months.

Our cards come with EMV chip and PIN enabled system which guarantees more security on our card.

Paying a Cargills Bank Credit Card Bill is also very convenient as customers can do so through 370+ Cargills Food City outlets islandwide at zero surcharge fees.

Q: Any additional benefits?

A: In addition to wide range of offers, the bank launched anywhere and anytime 0% instalment plan up to 36 months. This has been a key offering for customers as the facility is not limited to registered merchants. From buying an air conditioner to preparing your child’s next year school admission, our value added service has enticed customers to manage their monthly financial commitments and go for high valued investments. Customers can spend a minimum of Rs. 25,000 anywhere and covert the same to a max 36-month instalment plan at 0% interest by simply calling our contact centre.

Q: Does this fits anyone’s wallet?

A: As a brand committed to uplifting the lifestyles of rural people, we aspire to offer equal benefits to a wider spectrum of customers. This is why we are the first bank to offer a credit card from a minimum credit limit of Rs. 10,000. This has broken the boundaries in the market by enabling a wider untapped population who wants to experience their first credit card and enjoy the benefits.

Our primary products range from Gold to Titanium and Platinum. We also have the Imperium and Ascend Cards at the other end of the spectrum which has been developed to service the needs of our Private Banking and Priority Banking customers.

Q: How to apply for a Cargills Bank Credit Card?

A: It is simple. Anyone interested can call our 24-hour customer service hotline on 011 7 640 640 or connect through our Facebook page or website to set up an appointment with one of our sales representatives who would arrange to meet the prospective customer. They can also approach any of our bank branches located islandwide to fill an application and hand over required documentation.

‘Cargills’ is a brand that has been faithfully serving Sri Lankans for 175 years, built on a foundation of values and ethics. True to this heritage, Cargills Bank is taking banking to the masses by being inclusive and accessible.

Cargills Bank is a fully-fledged licensed commercial bank with a BB (lka) Fitch Rating. The Cargills Cash Savings Account is available at over 370 Cargills Food City outlets, allowing you to do grocery shopping and banking at the same place at your convenience.

Cargills Bank’s Head Office is in Colpetty, with branches at Maitland Crescent, Maharagama, Old Moor Street, Wattala, Rajagiriya, Kandy, Peradeniya, Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura, Thanamalwila, Matara, Galle, Kurunegala, Chilaw, Kaduruwela, Vavuniya, Chunnakam and Jaffna.

Source: http://www.ft.lk/financial-services/Cargills-Bank-Credit-Card-celebrates-this-Avurudu-with-amazing-cashback-of-5–anywhere/42-675673

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