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Cargills Bank unveils an exciting “Children’s Savings Account”
Mon, 6 Jun 2016

It is never too early to teach your children the value of savings money. Cargills Bank launch of a dedicated children’s savings account strives to encourage a culture of savings amongst the younger generations.

Cargills Bank Children’s Savings Account is a product designed specifically to meet the long term savings needs of the youth market. The lessons of money management are best learned when children commence young. By teaching children about money, how best to use it and the value of saving, we teach youngsters vital money-lessons that will carry them through life. A Cargills Bank Children’s Savings Account can be opened for any child under the age of eighteen. This savings account is designed to encourage saving over the long term to support the future ambitions aspirations of youngsters.

To motivate children to save, Cargills Banks offers a variety of exciting gifts and attractive value added benefits on children’s savings accounts. every new account holder will receive exciting gifts at the time of opening an account and more gifts as the children save, making savings more fun The gifts that will be awarded to the account holders have been carefully selected to promote and support their education and learning.

Cargills Bank recognizes the need for parents to invest in their children’s future and the development of Cargills Bank children’s savings account reflect this with valuable benefit for children up to 18 years. The account provides an attractive annual rate of return. Children’s accounts with deposits less than Rs. 100,000 will be entitled to receive soft toys, books and book vouchers, educational toys, remote control cars and helicopters, pen drives and music headphones. For deposits that exceed Rs. 100,00 there will be bicycles and Ipods on offer and many more exciting gifts.

Cargills Bank, a fully-fledged commercial bank, is committed to ensuring that its customers are provided with the best products and services at all times.  Adding value to the Bank’s product portfolio is an integral part of Bank’s growth strategy that runs in tandem with the Bank’s vision. Given the confidence and trust that customers have placed in the Bank, Cargills Bank is continuously driven to innovate and deliver customer centric solutions that adds convenience and value, and support the changing lifestyles of people.  The children savings account will further strengthen the Banks broader spectrum of products which currently include Current and Savings accounts, Foreign Currency Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Advances and Loan facilities, Trade services, Treasury services, and Remittances. To support its growing product portfolio, Cargills Bank operates eleven bank branches across the country located in Colpetty (Head Office), Old Moor Street, Maitland Crescent, Matara, Maharagama , Vavuniya , Hawa-Eliya , Thanamalwila,  Kurunegala, Jaffna, and Chunnakam.


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